Mission Statement and Strategic Objective:

Mission Statement of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, USA

It is the mission of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, to improve its members and enhance the communities in which they live by teaching and emulating the principles of Brotherly Love, Tolerance, Charity, and Truth while actively embracing high social, moral, and spiritual values including fellowship, compassion, and dedication to God, family and country.


Fulfill the promise of additional Masonic knowledge through education and training.


  •  Establish training programs to provide on-going knowledge and skill development
  •  Develop programs to train members in coaching and mentoring
  •  Establish knowledge standards for all members
  •  Establish resources for continued learning from a basic to advanced level


Build a Positive Public Image of Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite


  •  Establish a Public Relations Department
  •  Expand the public awareness of our philanthropic activities
  •  Establish a media relations strategy
  •  Establish means to utilize well-known members to accomplish the objective
  •  Establish initiatives to educate the public about the core values of the Scottish Rite


Support and expand our philanthropic activities


  •  Evaluate the current operating structure of our RiteCare® Centers
  •  Establish standards of quality and care for our RiteCare® facilities
  •  Establish operational national resources for RiteCare® Centers
  •  Evaluate our scholarship programs and create standards


Provide a framework for effective leadership to ensure the stability and long-term success of the Fraternity


  • Review entire organizational structural of the Scottish Rite and evaluate its effectiveness, efficiency and utility for providing a platform for stability and a long-term success
  • Establish formal (and required) training programs for all levels of Organization, from Supreme Council to local Valleys to establish standard expectations of each position and provide training and skill development necessary to successfully hold the position
  • Improve and enhance communications capabilities throughout the Organization


Provide a financial process to ensure the stability and long-term success of the Fraternity


  • Create an organization that has strong and progressive financial planning (short and long-term) capabilities for the entire organization (i.e. Supreme Council, Orients, Valleys, etc.)
  • Implement appropriate changes to the structure, policies and/or procedures that will result in strong internal accounting and financial controls to ensure the adequate protection of the Organization’s assets
  • Implement a prudent, but progressive, investment policy, for all invested funds, which is built upon responsible investment theory and, which will optimize investment return in the long term
  • Develop policies and controls to manage the Organization’s facilities in order to support the Organization’s Mission while optimizing the economics of the investments in and the operation of the facilities


The Bodies of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry sitting in the Valley of El Paso, Orient of Texas, acknowledge and yield allegiance to the Supreme Council (Mother Council of the World) of the Inspectors General, Knights Commander of the House of the Temple of Solomon, of the Thirty-third and last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, whose See is at the Grand Orient of South Carolina, now sitting at Washington D.C. of which..

Ill. Ronald A. Seale, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander
Ill. M. Douglas Adkins, 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Texas
Honorable Tom L. Higgins, 32° KCCH, Personal Representative of SGIG and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Valley of El Paso

Valley of El Paso:

The history of the Scottish Rite in the Valley of El Paso should properly begin with the organizations of the El Paso Lodge of Perfection No. 5 and El Paso Chapter of the Rose Croix No. 4 under the Letters Temporary granted by Albert Pike, 33°, Grand Commander, on the 11th day of April, 1883, and the 11th day of December 1883, respectively. Those two organizations duly instituted by Grand Commander Albert Pike, and the furniture and properties to be used by them were constituted at that time under the direction and personal supervision of the Grand Commander. At that time El Paso was little more than a border town with shifting population, and these two organizations later became demised; but the furniture and properties were carefully stored away and when these two organizations were again instituted in 1905, the furniture and properties, including the alter with the copper horns, were again put into use and are today highly valued because of their history and origin.

At a meeting held in the Masonic Temple of El Paso on Friday, November 17, 1905, Mount Franklin Lodge of Perfection No. 8 was instituted in due form by Brother Edward Charles Pew, 33° Honorary, acting as Deputy under the authorization of Brother A. B. Chamberlin, 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Texas.

Oasis Chapter of Knights Rose Croix No. 5 was constituted and its officers installed on October 2, 1906, by Brother E. W. S. Neff, 33°, acting Deputy for Brother A. B. Chamberlin, 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Texas.

On February 19, 1907, Brother E. W. S. Neff, assisted by Brother E. C. Pew, 33° Honorary, and J. J. Ormsbee, 32°, as special officers of the Supreme Council, appointed by Brother A. B. Chamberlin, 33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Texas, constituted and set to work Rio Grand Council No. 3, Knights Kadosh

El Paso Consistory No. 3 was constituted on July 23, 1907 by Brother E. C. Pew, 33° Honorary, acting as the special deputy for the Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Texas, Brother Chamberlin conducting the ceremonies of inauguration.

All four organizations had been constituted in the Masonic Temple of El Paso, where the members met in a small room rented for a nominal amount. The various properties and furniture were left standing in their place, there being no storage space for them.

Later, the organization moved twice, each time to more commodious quarters, yet still inadequate; but hope had been carried all these years in the hearts of the loyal workers of one day possessing a Temple of their own. Funds for this purpose were contributed and loaned by various members, and work started in 1921 under the authorization of the Scottish Rite Benevolent Association of El Paso, an organization with the joint purpose of aid to the needy Masons and their families, and the furnishings, maintenance and support of a Scottish Rite Cathedral in the city of El Paso. In 1922 the organization moved into their new Temple, although it was sparsely furnished at the time in the way of stage and lighting equipment, costumes and other paraphernalia for the conferring Degrees.

Today the Temple is entirely free from indebtedness, finished, equipped, and is second to none in the state. The El Paso Scottish Rite proudly stands upon a firm and solid ground.

What we do:

Freemasonry is engaged in building a temple, a temple not made with hands, but made up of dreams, the aspirations, the hopes, the inspired visions of humanity; a temple dedicated to the sincere worship of the Most High God whose name is Love. Scottish Rite Masons are are builders of that temple. Their prayers, their purpose, their efforts are intelligently directed toward that end, to create in the minds of men a sacred place from which shall flow the light of toleration, humility, love of righteousness, devotion to truth and justice, which shall illumine the world that is to be. This Rite of Freemasonry is committed to no particular social system; it fosters no political or intellectual propaganda. Rather, its mission is to create and stimulate in human hearts that pure sentiment that springs from a literal and wholehearted acceptance of the truth of the fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

Constituted on April 11th, 1883 by Albert Pike, the El Paso Scottish Rite boasts a membership of over 1,200 men.

Who we are:
Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the one universal Freemasonry; in fact, in many lands it is the only Freemasonry. Prior to the beginning of World War II, before the Totalitarian aggressors suppressed the Craft in most of Europe, there were thirty-seven Supreme Councils in existence, including countries from Italy to Argentina and New Zealand, and from the United States to China and South Africa.

The Scottish Rite is primarily a rite of instruction. It interprets the symbols and allegories of Freemasonry in the light of history and philosophy, using the words of the inspired prophets of humanity, the ceremonials of the great religious of the world, and significant episodes from history and biography to point the moral and adorn the tale. It is a university course in Masonic symbolism, tradition and ideas. In its Degrees the Masonic ritual is explained, the underlying meanings interpreted. Ancient liturgies and age-old philosophies are invoked to illustrate and enforce the profound teachings of the Craft.

The Scottish Rite is more than a fraternity of good fellows engaged in the benevolent practices of friendship and relief. It is a militant order, a knighthood, devoted to the cause of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

The Scottish Rite seeks to cultivate in the hearts of men personal morality and the sentiment of tolerance and fraternity. What has been said and done by the historic emancipators for the liberation of the human mind is vividly portrayed in its Degrees and the Scottish Rite Mason is dedicated to the effort to make the spirit of Masonry prevalent in society.


Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization. It is believed to have originated with the craft guilds of medieval Europe and latterly, to have expanded to admit those who did not actually belong to the trade. The literal stone masons are referred to as operatives while those who did not actually work in stone were called speculative masons. [ Bro. Stephen Daphoe]

The Scottish Rite is based upon Symbolic Masonry. It does not confer the first three degrees. This is recognized as the unquestioned prerogative of the Symbolic Lodges. The Scottish Rite confers only degrees from the fourth to the thirty-second, inclusive.

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