Officers 2024

 Ismael Gutierrez-N II, 32°
 Richard F. Cuellar, 32°
 Schyler H. Ratliff, 32°
 James A. Beale, 32°
 Reuben D. Martinez, 32°
 Mark P. Miller, 32°
 Joshua S. Miller, 32°
 Robert Brown, 32°

Date Knighted
Place Knighted
Jose A. Alanis
09/24/2011El Paso, TX
Robert Brown08/27/2011Fort Worth, TX
Erik X. Briseño09/24/2011El Paso, TX
Daniel Bustamante09/24/2011El Paso, TX
William K. Buster08/27/2011Fort Worth, TX
Wendell A. Clark08/27/2011Fort Worth, TX
James T. Dean, Jr.09/24/2011El Paso, TX
Henry Flores08/27/2011Fort Worth, TX
Glen D. Fry09/24/2011El Paso, TX
Daniel Hampton08/27/2011Fort Worth, TX
Thomas F. Jenkins09/24/2011El Paso, TX
Neil D. Leavens09/242011El Paso, TX
W. Gordon Mahon08/27/2011Fort Worth, TX
Audie Maguire08/27/2011Fort Worth, TX
Michael O. McCullough III09/24/2011El Paso, TX
William E. Perry09/24/2011El Paso, TX
Ismael B. Segovia09/24/2011El Paso, TX

Charter Members

​The Knights of St. Andrew, El Paso Chapter, Valley of El Paso, Orient of Texas

The By-Laws of the Knights of St. Andrew state this is a “black cap” organization only.

As the Knights of Saint Andrew our main duties are to assist, as needed, during our Reunions and to be available to the Supreme Grand Inspector General through the Valley's Personal Representative for any assigned duties.

Our mission is to recruit and mentor new Scottish Rite members and fully engage them in Valley activities.

Our membership is strictly limited to thirty-two (32) 32° Scottish Rite Masons who must be members of the El Paso Valley and membership is "by invitation only".

Please take the opportunity to talk with our Knights and find out more about the work they do.