The Ambassador Program has been created to establish better Scottish Rite representation in the El Paso Territory and to strengthen and bolster the established traditions, rituals and membership in our Fraternity.

The Duties of the appointed Ambassador(s) will be primarily to:

  •  act as the official representative to their local Blue Lodge for the El Paso Scottish Rite
  •  work with the Blue Lodge in soliciting candidates for the Scottish Rite Degrees in the El Paso Scottish Rite
  •  help publicize and promote El Paso Scottish Rite Reunions
  •  encourage attendance at all Scottish Rite Functions
  •  welcome new Scottish Rite Masons and offer them the opportunity to participate in Scottish Rite Degree work, both onstage  and offstage

For more information or to become an Ambassador for your Blue Lodge, please fill out this contact form:

Ambassador Program