The Arm-In-Arm program is an Orient wide program, designed to foster fellowship and mentorship among our members.

My responsibilities as the Chairman of the Arm-in-Arm Program is to ensure that common interest groups and social activities are identified and activities are planned and supported by the Valley of El Paso to meet the desires of our membership.

In a brief definition, it is a program which has been developed to bring us closer together as Brothers, but also as a family. As Chairman of this Program, I will make sure that each of you is made aware of all Arm-In-Arm events. It is my goal to have regular Arm-In-Arm events that will be family oriented and allow us and our families to get together outside the Lodge room setting and make new friendships and foster our fraternal bonds while experiencing fun activities. If you have any ideas for an Arm-In-Arm event, I welcome your input. In fact, it would be my pleasure to have you lead such an event. I believe that between your fellowship and the Arm-In-Arm program, our grand fraternity will continue to prosper.

Arm In Arm